Planet Music Academy’s unique ability to deliver great facilities in a friendly, cost effective way continues to make it a popular choice – not just with solo artists, but with bands, GCSE/A Level projects and corporate projects. We have created a relaxed, friendly environment to help you create some great music!
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The Tascam DM3200 Desk enables high quality recording direct from our custom built Vocal Booth or fully equipped Live Room featuring Roger’s Vintage Drum Kit, Meinl Byzance Jazz Cymbals, Zildjian Cymbals, Wide selection of snare drums, Fender Twin Valve Combo, MarkBass Mini CMD Bass Combo, Shure Beta SM58/57, Shure DMK57 Drum Kit Mic Set, Audio Technica AT4040 Condenser, Neumann vintage mics, AGK 451 paired set, AKG 414 set and much more!
Recording at Planet Music is a fun relaxed experience focussing on quality recording in a comfortable, relaxed environment. All projects are welcome - we can assist you in songwriting, production, session musicians etc - no project is too small or big!
Recording formats can be customised to suit the client. There is space to record a large group ‘live’ or a multitrack approach is also offered.
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Get Directions to Our Location
Unit 2, Bridge Business Park,
Top Street, Old Martlesham,
Woodbridge, Suffolk. IP124RB
Telephone: 01394 383700
Fax: 01394 383701
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